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Content writing and Blog writing is like serving the food after showing your menu. So your content should be amazing so your visitors can revisit it. Writing good content is very important when it comes to engaging readers and ranking your website. Content is what makes it a lot more interesting. All these factors should be focused on when writing content, and we at Pak eCommerce follow these rules when writing to engage a great number of readers.

The same principle applies to your blog content if you don’t want it to crash and write when it hits the internet. Your blog post should include these eight key elements:

Magnetic headline

If you’ve ever met with an investor and given an elevator pitch (his short two-minute presentation about the company), the goal isn’t to raise money quickly but to keep the investor well-informed.The same goes for blog headlines. There must be a clue as to your article; make prospects want to read at least the first paragraph.

In other words, it has to attract people.

Adding emotional language to your headline may give you the extra appeal you need. Otherwise, the information you provide is sufficient.

Compelling leadership

I want to clarify how I use the word “persuasive” here. News coverage requires summarizing the key points of a news article. But with blogs, this is not always the case. Your blog’s first sentence or short paragraph should have your visitor read her second paragraph. In other words, we want to engage our readers.

Useful Subtitles

Subtitles serve three purposes:

  • Splittypestomakepagesmorevisuallyappealing
  • Ithelpsreadersnavigatetoimportant
  • Theyfacilitatesearchengineoptimization(SEO).
  • Thefirsttwopointsarealways
  • Longpagesofthe continuoustypeputoffmanypotential

Readers may want to go back and repeat the main points even after they have finished writing the article. Subtitles should help with this.

Informative and attractive institutions

The text is the “meat and potatoes” blog post. It can be anything from a new succinct observation that will revolutionize your life or business to a funny story about what happened on your commute yesterday. As mentioned earlier, the old rule required that the body of the article had enough keywords. However, recent experience and research show that keyword usage and density are less important to Google today.

Attractive graphics

We recommend that you add images in your blogs to illustrate your points and break the text within the body to make your pages more visually attractive and engaging. Google measures the time spent on a page, so your graphics, typography, and color scheme should combine to encourage visitors to stay. If you want to promote your content on social media, you should also include visually interesting graphics.

A powerful call to action

Almost every blog post needs some call to action that can take different forms and be achieved through different tactics. The first step is to decide what action you want your visitors to take.

Read other blogs posted on your site or check out your products and services, you can also capture a prospect’s contact information by offering exclusive content in exchange for their email addresses.

Related internal links

This is why every new article you create should include links to other articles on your site. Would a real estate agent only show prospects one room in a house? Of course not, but one of the main goal is to keep users on the site.

Additionally, internal links have always been considered good for his SEO. I think it benefits SEO because it increases the number of pages per visit and the time visitors spend on the site.

Good meta description

A meta description is a snippet that Google shows in search results. Left to its own device, Google will grab the first or second sentence of the article. However, this may not be the best way to display items in search results.

All the previous points were about what visitors see on your website, but this point is different. The meta description is in the HTML code. If you have a WordPress site, plugins like Yoast make it easy to write your meta descriptions individually so you can fine-tune them.

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