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Overall, the Pakistani online market is relatively young, with a majority of users in the age range of 18-34. The market is also predominantly male, with a higher proportion of urban users compared to rural users. While the percentage of internet users in Pakistan is increasing, it is still relatively low compared to other countries, indicating potential for growth in the online market.:

  1. Large and growing population: Pakistan has a population of over 220 million people, making it the world's fifth-most populous country. This provides a significant customer base for businesses, particularly in sectors such as retail, consumer goods, and services.

  2. Strategic location: Pakistan is located at the crossroads of South Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East, making it a hub for trade and commerce. It shares borders with China, India, Afghanistan, and Iran, providing access to a large regional market.

  3. Emerging economy: Pakistan's economy is growing rapidly, with a projected GDP growth rate of 4.5% in 2023. This presents opportunities for businesses to tap into a growing market and benefit from the country's economic development.

  4. Low labor costs: Labor costs in Pakistan are relatively low compared to other countries in the region, making it an attractive destination for manufacturing and outsourcing. This can help businesses reduce their production costs and improve their competitiveness.

  5. Favorable government policies: The Pakistani government has implemented several policies to attract foreign investment and improve the ease of doing business in the country. These include tax incentives, simplified business registration procedures, and measures to promote exports.

  6. English-speaking workforce: English is widely spoken in Pakistan, particularly among the educated workforce. This makes it easier for businesses to communicate with their employees, customers, and suppliers.

Overall, the Pakistani market offers several advantages for businesses looking to expand into new markets. However, like any market, it also presents its own challenges, such as political instability, security concerns, and bureaucratic hurdles.

Starting an online business in Pakistan can offer several benefits, including:

  1. Large and growing internet user base: Pakistan has a rapidly growing internet user base, with over 100 million people having access to the internet. This provides a vast potential customer base for online businesses.

  2. Low startup costs: Starting an online business in Pakistan can be relatively inexpensive, as it does not require the same level of investment in physical infrastructure as a traditional brick-and-mortar business.

  3. Wide range of e-commerce platforms: There are several e-commerce platforms available in Pakistan, including Daraz, Telemart, and Homeshopping, which can help online businesses reach a wider audience and facilitate transactions.

  4. Favorable government policies: The Pakistani government has implemented several policies to promote e-commerce and online business, including the introduction of a regulatory framework for electronic transactions and a digital policy to promote digital entrepreneurship.

  5. Access to international markets: Online businesses in Pakistan can easily reach international customers through e-commerce platforms and digital marketing, enabling them to tap into a global market.

  6. Growing trend towards digital payments: There is a growing trend towards digital payments in Pakistan, with several digital payment providers, such as JazzCash, EasyPaisa, and UBL Omni, offering convenient and secure payment solutions for online businesses.

Overall, starting an online business in Pakistan can offer several advantages, including a large and growing internet user base, low startup costs, and favorable government policies. However, online businesses also face their own challenges, such as internet connectivity and cybersecurity concerns, which should be carefully considered before launching an online venture.

Here is a table summarizing the demographics of the Pakistani online market:

Demographic Percentage
Internet users 35% of population
Mobile internet users 32% of population
Social media users 22% of population
E-commerce shoppers 14% of population
Age group 18-34 64% of internet users
Age group 35-54 25% of internet users
Age group 55+ 11% of internet users
Male users 64% of internet users
Female users 36% of internet users
Urban users 75% of internet users
Rural users 25% of internet users


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