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Social Media Account Creation and Management

Social media is nowadays where you can find anyone, anything, and start any business you want, but the real thing is management. Management and the creation of social media are extremely important and useful when it comes to digital marketing. Pak eCommerce ensures A+ management of your social media accounts and makes you visible in digital marketing. We offer account creation on every platform and the best techniques of management.

Below is the list of our management tactics and where we can create your social media accounts include:


With approximately 2 billion daily users, Facebook is a huge social network. For this reason, Agency, which provides social media management services, not only specializes in Facebook but also recommends Facebook for audience diversity.

From a social media management perspective, Facebook helps build relationships with existing and future customers. It can also help build brand loyalty and encourage future purchases.


With 330 million or even more monthly users, Twitter doesn’t offer the same reach as Facebook. However, it provides business access to a group of users who engage with brands daily. Depending on your target group, this can be an advantage.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is news-focused. We also value two-way conversations between users, whether they are brands or consumers. If you want to interact with your audience, Twitter is the way to go.


With nearly 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is becoming the new standard for social media management services. Businesses can find creative ways to capture and engage their audience by focusing on images and videos.

Like Facebook, Instagram helps build relationships and engage with consumers. Depending on your industry, Instagram can also be used to generate new leads. For this reason, retail, entertainment, and beauty companies often use the platform.


As the world’s largest professional social network, LinkedIn provides access to over 774 million users. This makes it a perfect and ideal platform for companies looking to recruit candidates and establish themselves as industry leaders.

Like Twitter, LinkedIn helps us share news-related materials such as company announcements and industry-specific news. It also helps build good relationships with other businesses and reputation through content marketing.


With over 450 million monthly active users, Pinterest offers visually focused businesses like furniture makers, clothing stores, and florists the opportunity to connect with their target audience.

Pinterest is great for showcasing your products in a non-promotional way. For example, you can highlight the uses or features of your product. You can also connect with influencers to further promote your products.


With over 2 billion users, YouTube provides access to more than 80% of US adults. In response, companies are doing more with their YouTube accounts, from creating how-to videos to showshow behind-the-scenes footage.

With YouTube, your business can provide useful content to your users. Examples include how-to videos about products and instructional videos about industries and services. These can increase brand awareness for users and lead to conversions.

Pak eCommerce ensures to provide perfect account management on all social media platforms and perform the perfect management with our utmost skill and providing extreme satisfaction.

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