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Here at Pak eCommerce, we create a website and designs you can imagine, giving them life. Pak eCommerce and its talented team ensure the best website design and everything your website design needs to attract the targeted audience.

Designing a website is not simple and is based on several important factors. We at Pak eCommerce do proper research and mix your ideas with the latest information to give spectacular results as an irresistible website.

Following are the factors we keep in mind when creating and designing your websites:

Purpose of the Site

Your website must meet the needs of your users. A simple, clear intent on every page helps users interact with your offer. What is your website’s purpose? Are you conveying actionable information like “how to”? Is it an entertainment site like live sports or selling products to users? Websites have many different purposes, but they all have one primary purpose in common.

  • Describeyourexpertise
  • Buildareputation
  • Generateleads
  • Salesandaftercare


When it comes to user experience and website usability, simplicity is the way to go. Below are the ways we use  to achieve simplicity through design.


Colors have the power to convey messages and evoke emotional responses. Finding a color palette that matches your brand can influence how your customers behave towards your brand. Limit your color choices to less than five colors. Complementary colors work very well. Attractive color combinations increase customer loyalty and make users likable.


Typography is critical to your website; it tends to grab attention and serves as a visual interpretation of your brand voice. Fonts should be legible, and websites should only use a maximum of 3 different fonts.


Images are visual aspects used in communication. This includes still images, illustrations, videos, and graphics in any form. All images should be expressive, capture the company’s spirit and embody the brand’s personality. Most of the first information we consume on a website is visual. As a first impression, it is important to use high-quality images to create an impression of professionalism and authenticity in the visitor’s mind. It is important.


Navigation is the navigation system used by websites where visitors interact to find what they are looking for. Website navigation is key to retaining visitors. If your site’s navigation is confusing, your visitors will give up and find what they need elsewhere. Easy, intuitive, and consistent navigation across all pages is essential.

Read the F-shaped pattern.

The F-based pattern is the most popular way visitors scan text on her website. Eye-tracking studies shows that most of what people see is at the top and left of the screen. The F-shaped layout mimics the natural reading pattern. A well-designed website works with the natural patterns of a reader scanning a page.

Visual hierarchy

A visual hierarchy is the setting of items in order of their importance. This is done through size, color, imagery, contrast, typography, margins, texture, and style. One of the visual hierarchy’s most valuable and important functions is setting focus. This shows and directs visitors where the most important information is.


An effective website has both brilliant design and brilliant content. Using persuasive language, good content can attract and influence visitors by converting them into customers.

Grid-based layout

Grids help you structure your design and organize your content. Grids help keep elements on the page aligned and clean. Grid-based layouts arrange content in a clean, robust grid structure that balances rows and sections side-by-side to create order and an aesthetically pleasing site.

Load time

You lose visitors when you wait for your website to load. Nearly half of web visitors expect a website to load within 2 seconds of him and may abandon a website that doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Optimizing your image size will make your website load faster.

Phone Friendly

More and more people are using cell phones and other devices to browse the internet. It is important to create his website with a responsive layout that allows the website to adapt to different screens.

Pak eCommerce makes your website design based on these pointers creating a perfect and SEO-friendly website. We together make miracles through hard work and devotion to serving our loyal clients. Pak eCommerce believes in customer satisfaction as a top priority and gives off the perfect results you can’t find anywhere else.

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